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(Last Updated Friday, July 10, 1998)

Frilled Dragon Care Sheet

(Chlamydosaurus kingii)


They are a northern species so require warm conditions all year round, The may be kept in an outside aviary in warm weather. They also grow much larger than bearded dragons. We recommend a black light (must be suitable for reptiles) plus an incandescant (normal globe) for basking . If no black light is supplied the they should be put in the sun from time to time, but only on warm to hot days.

(Picture of juvenile - Nothern coastal Qld variety)

Ours are a very similar temperament to Inland Bearded Dragons (P. vitticeps).


Moths, crickets mealworms, earthworms etc, preferrably dusted or gut loaded with calcium or reptile suppliment for about half of the feeds. They also eat fruit, (contrary to what most people seem to believe) particularly banana.


This is difficult although I'm told that adult males normaly have larger heads and teeth and may have a black chest.



Apparently they may breed at less than 1 year, although this would take a lot of feeding.

They usually lay about a dozen eggs.


These eggs should be incubated the same as other reptile eggs.

Special requirements.

They should be misted or sprayed with water from time to time, particularly in hot dry weather.

If several are kept together, ensure that they all get food otherwise some will not grow as fast as the others and will be intimidated by the larger dragons.

Special notes.

In South Australia and Queensland, hatchling Frilled Dragons sell for around $400 but as they grow the price increases rapidly. NSW prices may be cheaper due to the recent amnesty, but the lizards may not be captive bred.

We may have some hatchlings available Summer 1998-99, for sale or trade. If you require further information please email us at

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